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National Tree Map™

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National Tree Map™

National Tree Map™ (NTM) provides location, height and canopy extents for individual trees over three metres in height covering all of England and Wales. The data can be provided in a variety of formats for both non-GIS and GIS users. The dataset comprises of:

1. Canopy Polygons (Vector Polygon) – Representing individual trees or closely-grouped tree crowns

2. Idealised Crowns (Vector Polygon) – Crown polygons visualised as circles for ease of use. Area measurement remains true to original canopy feature

3. Points (Vector Point) – Detailing the centre point and height of each canopy feature


Classification criteria: Trees and bushes over 3m in height

Accuracy: >90% of canopy coverage (>95% within 50m of buildings)


(Aerial photography is not provided as part of the NTM dataset, but can be purchased as an additional layer if required.)