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3D Building Models

Derived photogrammetrically from our high resolution stereo aerial photography, our 3D building models are geographically accurate and specifically designed to support developers, architects and urban planners in making efficient, cost effective and informed decisions about the urban environment.

Our 3D Building Models are priced individually, so please upload a shapefile or select the area you are interested in using the area tools below and submit.

Level of Detail 1 - Models consist of simple block buildings


Level of Detail 2 - Models contain fully modelled pitched or flat roof shapes.


Level of Detail 3 - Models contain roof shapes and structures, including dormer windows, chimneys and other small detail visible within the aerial photography.


Accompanying terrain information is always created at the same time, which ensures the most realistic 3D environment is created, every time.


Additional Features -

An additional features layer can also be supplied to accompany your chosen building layer. As standard the layer consists of roads, pavements, bridges, parking, trees, water and rail features.

Products available: